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WWU is Providing High-Value to the state of WA

As a WWU graduate, I have stayed in-state and helped build up several businesses, which are paying taxes to support the government and educational system.


The CS department draws in students who are potentially going to stay in-state / in-city to grow the local economy.


Let's keep the doors open so we can attract high-value students to our state.

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Gamification of Reality

Read: 'Reality is Broken'


There is a reason that companies like Zynga and Blizzard are so huge. People like challenge and engagement. The real world doesn't really provide either for the average person.


As software engineers, it is up to us to gamily reality and leverage peoples' focus and talent.



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Mobile application development

Computers are getting smaller, lighter, faster. The average person doesn't need a 'computer'. They need a way to keep in touch with people.


If you run a consumer facing business and you don't have a mobile strategy, you probably won't succeed.


Being able to develop web services that can be leveraged by several platforms is very useful here.

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